Tyre Nichols loved to take photographs
This week's roundup!
What do you want to get better at?
Were you able to gather your gold fairy dust from Staying Power 2? Did you find the task challenging? What roadblocks (if any) did you experience? What…
Poetry Pick-Me-Up (02/02/23)Watch now (60 min) | Enjoy this replay of the 02/02/23 Poetry Pick-Me-Up. Poetry Pick-Me-Up is a casual poetry-sharing and discussion group that happens…
Take your seat in the circle
A different kind of father-daughter dance
Creatives' Coffee (02/01/23)Watch now (98 min) | Enjoy this replay of the 02/01/23 Creatives’ Coffee, a casual conversation group for Rafters who like to “make stuff,” whether for…
Gone fishin'?

January 2023

This will blow your mind
Gather Your Gold!
Are you ready for change?